Loa DREAMWAVE Portable Bluetooth Speaker " Harmony Ⅱ" (BLACK)【Japan Domestic genuine products】

Giá bán: 3.798.160 Đ
Giá cũ: 5.494.800 Đ
Bạn tiết kiệm: 1.696.640 Đ (31%)
Thanh toán bằng điểm: 237 điểm
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Product features

★ "Encourage professional as well" enchanting sound

★ It is a limited Bluetooth speaker only for customers who are concerned with "comfort", "design", and "sound"

◆ I can not imagine portable speakers "incomparable high-quality sound"

◆ "Unmatched stylish design" that fits in a lovely room

◆ I can put it anywhere because there is no wire, very convenient

● Harmony is a portable Bluetooth wireless speaker that plays authentic sound, you can enjoy music of iPhone, Android and other smartphones from anywhere in the room with high sound quality.

● Stylish design, making it reminiscent of craftsmanship, playing a wonderful sound that professional also acclaims, which can not be imagined from a compact body.

● It is made of materials like aluminum and leather, so it is fashionable and has a high-class feeling, so it is perfect for the interior of the room.

※ ★ ★ Detailed description By "Newsbridge" ★ ★ ※

● Body size: about 61.5 × 64.5 × 231.5 mm / ● Body weight: about 800 g

● Output: 16 W (8 W × 2) / ● Frequency response: 80 Hz to 18 KHz / ● SN ratio: 75 dB / ● Bluetooth: Ver 4.0 + EDR / CSR / ● Profile: A2DP / AVRCP / APTX

◆ Playable time: ● Maximum volume: about 6 hours / ● Normal volume: about 18 hours (2/3 of the maximum volume) / ● Power supply: 4,500 mAh lithium rechargeable battery

※ ● Japanese Instruction Manual Included

● Japanese Product Introduction Video Site URL:


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