Giày Dunham Men's Cloud Mid-Cut Waterproof Boot, Brown/Brown - 10 D(M) US

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Giá cũ: 3.759.359 Đ
Giá bán: 2.649.795 Đ
Bạn tiết kiệm: 1.109.564 Đ (30%)
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Waterproof boot featuring multicolor upper and adjustable circumference

Lace-up vamp


Giới Tính:


My husband loves NB for his large, hard-to-fit feet. Usually, he's a 13 4E, so naturally this is the size I selected in buying these boots for him. When they arrived (this size took longer to ship due to a point of origin in Canada, but it wasn't "forever"), these boots looked comically large. My husband put them on and said the only parts of the boot touching his foot were the sole and the ankle - very unusual. He demonstrated by pressing the shoe around his foot, and the difference was appreciable. SO, we returned the 13-4E's and got 13-2E's instead...and they fit perfectly.

We had no hassles in getting the refund processed and getting the original pair returned. I can buy with confidence from Amazon - they are so great about their return policies.

I'll put in a separate review for the pair that fit my husband. I only docked one star for the off-sizing - other than that these boots are stellar.
These are excellent quality shoes. The problem is my feet are hard to fit. I wear a 12EEE. Although I purchased the wide fit they're slightly tight on my feet although I can get through the day with them. I'm glad to get them off after about 8 hours. These is a great quality shoe and I will consider repurchase. Great arch support and initially very comfortable fit. Most people will not have a problem with the fit of this boot. They fit true to size so consider when you purchase. Wish someone would make a 12EEE.
Fit was true, comfortable and speed lacing works smooth and feels like you're on a Cloud. Manufacture and design looks to be durable. And I see now Dunham is backed by New Balance. I've always like NB.
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