Gậy chụp ảnh Spigen Velo S520 Selfie Stick New Generation Bluetooth Selfie Stick

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Spigen Velo S520 Selfie Stick New Generation Bluetooth Selfie Stick with Remote Shutter for iPhone X / 8/8 plus / 7/7 plus/Galaxy S9 S9 plus Note 8 / S8 / S8 Plus/Pixel 2 and More - Black
[BLUETOOTH CONNECTION] Spigen S520 Bluetooth Selfie Stick allows quick and easy selfie shot or video with any paired smart phone devices. Bluetooth connection enables the smartphone device staying connected to Spigen Selfie Stick without any wire connection once it is paired. It is compatible with any smartphone devices with bluetooth function. * Make sure to activate photo app in your device before taking any photo or video shot
  • [EXTENDABLE HANDLE] Spigen Selfie stick is cable to be extended more than 4 times longer than its original length for full landscape or portrait image or video. It ensures your family member or friends are fit in the image
  • [ADJUSTABLE HOLDER WITH RUBBER LINING] Adjustable holder can firmly hold a device that are sized between 2” and 3” and delivers composition at any angle from 270 degree. And Rubber lining is coated to prevent the device from potential scratch or slip-off (Most smartphones are compatible to this size)
  • [LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMPACT] Spigen Selfie Stick ensures light and compact enough for users to conveniently carry at all time. Foldable holder is designed and developed to fit in the pocket, bag or purse
  • [LONG BATTERY LIFE] It provides 72 hours of standby time and 20 hours of usage duration. And it only takes 30 minutes to be fully charged. It also comes with micro USB charging cable for the battery charge


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