Tai nghe Jabra Classic - Black Universal Wireless Mono Bluetooth Headset - 100-92300000-61

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Simple, traditional design with three color options On/off slider for intuitive handling Voice guidance – tells you how to pair your device Wear it all day with the earhook or EarGel HD voice* for better sound experience Power Nap - battery saving mode Wireless streaming GPS, music & podcasts (A2DP enabled devices) Up to 9 hours talk time and up to 9 days standby time

Great wireless sound that's tested to withstand life on-the-move - dust and water resistant

Easy to pair & control calls and music

Comfortable fit for long-term use

Angled earbuds give optimal sound flow with no sound escape


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For what I paid I'm very happy. If I had purchased these for heavier music I would be less happy. The sound quality is great for what they are and they seem rather sturdy. So long as these don't break took quickly I'll likely purchase another pair when the ones I have give up the ghost. If you love yourself some metal be wary before buying these; I suspect messing with the equalizer in your music app could fix some of the bass issues I had when testing their chops with some In Flames, but the majority of my music is far less demanding of my headphones. I bought earbuds expecting them to be earbuds and they're better than I expected they would be.
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