Spigen Crystal Shell Case for Google Pixel - Clear Crystal

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Product Category:Cases

Product Description:

The hard PC back and flexible TPU bumper are equipped with Air Cushion Technology to protect against drops. The buttons make it easy to touch and press


Compatibility:Google Pixel


Flexible TPU layer keeps itself fingerprint-resistant with hassle-free application


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Clear Crystal



I was waiting to write my review until I actually dropped my phone to ensure that the case actually protects it. IT does!! It also picks up the color dye of what ever cloth you place this phone on. So my phone forever lives in my coat pocket in the winter and I have a red coat so there is a slight pink tinge to it. I don't hate it, but it was unexpected at least it's not a dirty yellow.
Pretty excellent case to show off the naked design of the phone. Google logo can be seen clearly, as can the glass window. It's a simple phone and nice to have a case that matches. It fits very well and the design is a step above those extra cheap cases. The corners have extra reinforcement (peace of mind) and the back is made of a more rigid plastic than the 100% TPU cases. I expect that this will result in a longer lasting case and color integrity.
Great case for the Pixel. The power and volume keys are very responsive and clicky so you won't have any problem launching the camera or changing the volume. Putting the phone in the case was very easy and provided just enough resistance to guarantee a secure hold on it. And I really like how my phone looks in the case!

One small thing I noticed later was that when I put the phone with the case on a flat surface there's a slight wobble from the top left corner
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